Tennis Professionals

Meet the Team

Ana Gasparyan

Director of Tennis

Ana Gasparyan has been bringing dynamic, educational & fun tennis programming to the West Hollywood/Los Angeles area for seven years.  She is an accomplished player, coach, and administrator with decades of experience at the highest professional levels of tennis. As a player, Ana was the #1 ranked player in the former Soviet Union and later became the #1 ranked player in Armenia. She competed for many years for the Armenian Federation cup. Following her career as a player, Ana became a high level WTA tour coach as well at the Federation cup coach for Armenia. Through the years she became a highly experienced ITF world coach and moved up to be on the board of directors of the Armenian National Federation. She moved to Los Angeles area in 2012 and quickly establishing herself as one of Southern California’s most respected coaches.


Natasha Matusevich

Staff Professional

Natasha Matusevich has worked as a professional tennis coach for more than 16 years. She holds a PhD in Theory and Methodology of Physical Education and Sport,  specializing in tennis coaching for professional athletes from Belarus State University of Physical Culture. During her studying and training years, Ms. Matusevich created new methods of developing successful techniques for professional tennis players that have improved their athletic prowess considerably. Natallia Matusevich offers her unique tennis training system to children and adults at varies levels and of all ages. During her tennis teaching career, many of her students were members of Russian and Belarus national tennis teams. Also, using her formidable experience as a national and international junior team player, as a coach, she constructed new successful methods for junior professional tennis players of which Belarus Tennis Association adapted to train national tennis teams.

Before moving to Los Angeles, Natasha was professionally coaching and training tennis teams across Europe (Germany, Italy, and Spain). Now, as a resident of Los Angeles, Ms. Natasha Matusevich continues to coach and train tennis players of all ages, from champion to novice, using her original progressive methods to improve performance of all tennis enthusiasts.

Hakob Mirijalnyan

Tennis Professional

I’m a dedicated tennis coach who has 10 years experience as a player and another 10 years experience as a coach plus 5 Years of Education and Certification.

My work is concentrated to help players unlock their full potential on the court through personalized and group training, emphasizing technique, strategy, and mental toughness. As a tennis coach, I strive to create an inspiring and supportive environment where my players not only improve their skills but also develop a deep passion for the game, fostering both individual growth and team camaraderie.